Monday, March 29, 2010

Brownie Mix Improvements

All right, friends. I have a box of brownie mix in my cupboard. I so rarely get to eat treats at my house [insert snort] that I want to make this brownie mix really count. Every time I make brownies, they never meet my expectations. I want them to look and taste like they do in the picture on the box, dang it! I want them to be fudgelicious, but they're not. I want them to be moist, but they're not. I want them to be tall, but they're not. I want them to be rich, but they're not. When I make them, they're rather bland, crusty and hard around the edges, and lame. I've experimented in the past with adding chocolate chips to the batter. The brownies tend to end up looking like chocolate sludge, which, of course, I'll eat straight out of the pan with a fork if someone twists my arm [pffsh!], but I'm not inclined to serve it to my friends like that. I've had brownies before that had, I think, a chocolate bar baked on the bottom of the pan. It was amazing. I've had brownies with frostings on the top that were delicious. I've heard of brownies that have candy bars chopped up and thrown in, but I've only ever dreamed of eating one. What do you supermommies do to make boring brownies super? I'm in need of a major brownie makeover.