Monday, September 29, 2008

Potential Nightmare

My oldest daughter (3.5 years old) hates to see the doctor. She doesn't want strangers touching her. She remembers the shots. She doesn't want someone looking in her eyes and ears and mouth. It's almost too much to even ask her to stand on the scale, but she will, reluctantly with a bribe. But that's about the limit of her cooperation. The last time she needed a vaccine, she pulled the needle out of her leg and threw it at the nurse (it was impressive, but not shocking, although the nurse sure didn't see it coming). To say that she makes a scene is a huge understatement. This is just the way she is and she's always been that way. I would like her to see the dentist (I think she needs it, given that she makes it extremely difficult for ME to brush her teeth), but I fear things will be even worse than the well baby visits. I have a friend who is a dental hygienist for a pediatric dentist and she has tried to convince me that these people are really good at what they do, and they would know how to handle my daughter (hmm...). She says that kids who are three years and older leave their parents in the waiting room and see the dentist by themselves. I'm pretty against that idea, not just because it would be traumatic for her (they'd have to drag her), but also for safety reasons. But even if I'm with her, what would they do for a child like mine? There's no way she'd be cooperative even for an x-ray. I'm thinking they'd have to knock her out completely just to get a glimpse at her teeth. Does anybody have experience with difficult children at the dentist? What can they do? And if they have to dope her up, is that safe?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Crazy 8

A friend had information about this store, Crazy 8, on her blog. It is owned by the same company as Gymboree, but has better prices. Cute stuff too. There are not many physical locations, but of course you can shop online.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Meltdown Prevention

I mostly only have major meltdown problems with my 5 year old (and sometimes myself). I actually had my son wait an extra year before kindergarten because he seems to have meltdowns often. He has gotten better about it since he started pre-school again this year. The first day he came home from school and said, "My day wasn't so good. I threw five fits." As the month has gone by he has thrown fewer and fewer fits, probably because his new more business-like teacher won't put up with it. I thought this article listed some great ideas for meltdown prevention.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

heart hurt.

My little Sam started Kindergarten this year. It's been a pretty smooth transition so far, but lately he has been telling all of us that we "have BAD breath"... including our little baby. So of course, that made me suspect that someone has been telling him that. So I asked him tonight if someone at school was telling him that. He says, "yeah, they tell me that everyday." Come to find that it's several of the boys in his class that he speaks about admiringly everyday and really wants to be friends with them. I asked him if they are mean to him and he said, "only sometimes". Of course then we talked about the importance of brushing teeth 2x a day, etc.

You know, he really seems pretty unaffected by it-- when he told me about it there were no tears or anything. But tonight my heart feels really heavy. He's my first off to School-- he's away from me everyday for the full day- and I can't protect him anymore--I can't fight his battles. And it just hurts my heart.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ellen with Stephenie Meyer today!!!

Stephenie Meyer will be on The Ellen show today talking about Twilight. 

 Thought you'd all like to know.  I know I'm excited!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Guilty Pleasures: MOVIES

The other day I was blog hopping and on one blog a song from Moulin Rouge was playing. Instantly I felt happy because I had flashes of my life back when I saw the movie and what a great time it was. Now, I keep wanting to sit down and watch it. It is remarkable how sights, sounds, smells and music can transport you/your mind to a different time that you experienced.

My question: What movies from your past do you love because it brings back exciting/happy/positive feelings? Maybe it was just the soundtrack you loved. Tell why please.

My guilty pleasure is Moulin Rouge. I saw it at the dollar theater in Provo when I still lived there. I heard from some women that it was good. I went with my girlfriend, Meghan. At first we didn't get it, it was too in your face. A day later we both kept talking about it and then we went and saw it again. The weirdness made it unique (ie. Napoleon Dynamite). I admit it is not for every taste. Anyway, we burned the soundtrack and then became huge fans of the music, movie and actors (especially Ewan McGregor). When I think of that time, it was a fun, young, kid free, mortgage free, poor married student time in my life. :0)

Thursday, September 11, 2008


As you all know today is September 11th, I was just wondering...... Are you guys going to talk to your kids about today and why it is important? I was watching the news this morning and they were having a memorial service which made me think.... They are trying to have a Gay Day in our schools, but are they going to have a day to remember what our country is fighting for? Or the men and women that die to protect it?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Paper crafts

I think paper crafts can be very cool. My favorite part of my Real Simple magazine are the section intros that have a picture made out of paper.

I checked this book out from the library today and it's awesome! I tried to make the tiny gift box and it turned out pretty good for doing it with kid scissors and dealing with a crazy toddler clawing at my legs. It looks like a tiny doughnut box because it's pink but that's okay, it was still cute. I'm excited to make holiday decorations from here. They seem easy enough for Kendall to help with and they're very cute. Clean and not too country which is how I prefer my crafts.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Monkey See Monkey Do

So, I wanted your opinion on this item. I recently purchased this Backpack/Harness, but lets be honest, it is really a leash. I got it because when I set Elianna down to grab something in the truck she takes off and I would be mortified if she ran out into the street or road. I also bought it because, we are taking our family vacation at the end of September to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. This would be perfect, I can keep her in range and not be totally stressed trying to keep her right next to me at all times. This would let her get tired too, sitting in the stroller doesn't have the same effect. She isn't physically doing anything. She is a busy body. This would allow her to roam but safely. What do you think about it? Am I seriously sick minded?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dream House

Thanks to everyone who participated in the last post, it is so fun getting to know a little bit more about everyone. Here's the next question.....

What would be you're ideal dream house..... That is what style and where would you want it to be. The reason I came up with this one is because my parents have just finished building a house this year and it is more of the Spanish type, and that got me thinking.... if I could build my own dream house, what would it be, and where would I live?

OK girls go for it, let's say money's no object, any place in the world, and any style of house... this does not have to be realistic. Have Fun!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dream Job

If you could do any job in the world, what would it be.... and I mean in a perfect world where you can have kids and still get everything done that you want to in the day. Maybe even have a cook or house keeper, in your most perfect situation, what would you do?

I'll give you a few examples.....

doctor, lawyer, zoo keeper, dentist, school teacher, librarian, lunch lady at school, the walmart guy that hands out the carts and says hello, nurse, artist, photographer, just to name a few....
now remember, you can be as creative as you like, as for me.....

I would be a CSI.... Crime scene investigator.... I love that kinda of stuff, it's kinda like a puzzle and you get to figure it all out.