Friday, July 11, 2008

Bubble Boys

For those of you who are out of the loop the state of California is on fire. I know your saying to yourself , "it's always on fire". Well, the smoke is trapped here in Sacramento valley and for the last three weeks have looked like some "Day after Tomorrow" type movie.

The sky at 8 am.

Besides the smoke it has been around 100* degrees. My boys are losing it! I have tried to find things inside for them to do. We go to the library and inside fast-food play places. We have been advised not to go outside and not to use our cars, "spare the air ". We usually go to the pool, but my son's swim lesson are cancelled because so many people are getting sick when they go outside. We are running out of friends to have over and coloring and play-doh are done. We have made forts and filmed music videos. We've watched enough T.V. for the rest of the year. I have intense morning/evening sickness, so doing cartwheels and somersaults with the kids ain't happening. I need help, I need like "thinking outside of the box" ideas. I have a 3 year old, so they can't be too involved. They are boys, so they need to get as much energy out as possible. Thanks


Thomas Family said...

If I were you I would totally invest in some new toys. Leap pad, train set, matchbox car mat, color wonder products just for a few ideas. If you have all those things then just get something new and novel. Maybe even a Wii with games that will get them moving so they can at least get some exercise. My kids totally love stickers, glue, scissors, markers and just random things to do "art" time. It's not always worth the mess that comes with it though. Maybe try hiding a few toys and then take them out in a week so they seem a little more exciting. Oh- Crayola makes window markers that my kids LOVE LOVE LOVE and then they even enjoy cleaning the window after they are done. Best of luck. That totally sucks and to be morning sick on top of it! I'm sending you some sympathy.

amber said...

The crayola window markers sound fun! You are right I need to go check out what is new in the toy section. Thanks

Kirsten said...

You should see what kind of free activities the city has to offer for kids. Our library offers weekly reading, craft, and music hours that are free and pretty fun. The movie theaters around here also play kids movies once a week and it only costs 1 dollar. I can't think of anything new for at home, I'm sorry you guys are under such a smoky gross house arrest.

I hope you feel better soon.

amber said...

We do the library stuff, but it is pretty baby-basic "wiggles" music activities. Joshua sits and tells me how bored he is the whole time. They do the free movies in the morning, but that is sitting and watching more T.V. for a few hours. I think we will just have to take long-long naps. :)

knitaholic310 said...

Can you let them play soccer indoors? How about keeping a balloon in the air, you can just sit there and only hit it when it comes to you. Science projects. Line the walls with butcher paper and let them color on it or splatter paint on it. One time it was so wet and miserable in England that I let the kids put on old underwear and paint their bodies with non-toxic paint in the bathtub so it was easy to clean up. Do you guys play board games? My kids love Chomp, Candy Land and memory. You could have them make their own memory game with pictures of family members. Sorry you are trapped, that totally stinks.

The Gomes Family said...

I am trying to think of things my friends with older kids play. Hide and Seek inside. Make forts or pretend camping in the living, set up a tent and everything in the living room. Something I am going to do when Elianna gets older and is trapped inside is get a Karaoke machine and go to town singing inside and have a talent show with some of her friends over. I don't know if your boys like music but we love music. Or if they like (I am a girl and I have a girl, I am sorry) Dancing you can do your own "So you think you can dance" dance off they have to make their own routine and you judge them.

I have heard that the Wii has excellent exercise games, so that would be not a total waste, movement would be involved.
What about making plaster masks on their faces that are scary or whatever they like or are into and then play like you are that character afterwards. That is really easy I have done it with my mom several times.

It has been bad, but us in Turlock probably don't have it as bad as you do in Sacramento the heart of all the fires it seems like.

Vegas Anderson Clan said...

My two boys love the game of 'Sorry' and it has kept them busy for hours. Since they are boys, they love bumping eachother off back to start and they seem to want to play it over and over again. My boys are 6 and 3 and I help the 3 year old but they seem to love it. I also let my boys get on Nick Jr. and Disney on the computer. It is more educational and there are lots of fun activities there. Good Luck. We have to find similar things to do here in Vegas because it is just too dang hot to go outside.