Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 4th Traditions

Every July I get each of my kids a new white t-shirt and then let them paint it with red and blue fabric paint and sponges and let them wear it on Independence Day. They LOVE it and it is worth the mess (only once a year.) Then on the morning of the 4th we go to the city park where there is a big celebration and take the kids on rides and browse the vending booths. Then that evening we have a big backyard BBQ, complete with hamburgers, potato salad, watermelon and homemade root beer. Then of course we have our own fireworks to do with the kids before we watch the city fireworks. Then it's into bed and the kids sleep late the next morning. It was such a fun day! What are your 4th of July traditions?


knitaholic310 said...

WHat a great tradition! We don't have any real traditions yet and we have been married for 10 years. I love home made root beer. We did sparklers and fireworks on our driveway and our friend had a neighborhood parade. We all walked in her parade and she threw candy to about 10 spectators. We had a flag ceremony with the pledge of allegiance. Someone played the star spangled banner on the trumpet. The kids decorated their bikes with streamers and balloons and flags for the parade. It was pretty small townish, but fun and just the right speed for our kids. Our town does their fireworks the week before the 4th which I thought was weird, but we went to a friends beforehand and had crepes with whipped cream, strawberry jam and blueberries and then we all walked a block down to watch the fireworks.

Katy Anderson said...

Justin's extended family has a big picnic every 4th at Scera Park in Orem. We have lots of yummy food and play games and the kids have races. We usually go to Stadium of Fire, but we didn't get tickets this year. I was kind of glad because it can be kind of stressful going with the kids. So instead my mom watched the kids while Justin and I went to a movie and dinner for his birthday. Usually his birthday is overlooked by all the other events, so it was really nice to actually celebrate his birthday for a change. I think we'll make that a new tradition.

The Gomes Family said...

Our family has a yearly 4th of July Swimming party. Our Cousin Rosa and her family throws it with Food, Fireworks and Fun. Kids go swimming and have a ball, then we eat throughout the day and then our cousin Paul lights all sorts of crazy fireworks off. We also head out to Stanislaus State University to watch their 30 min firework show about 9:30 pm on the 4th. That is our little family traditions! This year however, my awesome mom came over and helped us re-do our bathroom cabinet, we had fruit salad and hot dogs and then we went to bed early because we were all exhausted from working hard. I don't think we will make a family tradition of fixing up our house every 4th of July, it is just too costly!