Wednesday, March 5, 2008

In my dreams

I often make mental notes of things that I want in my dream home. For example, I want a craft room with tons of storage and working space, and a TV. I most often think of what my kitchen would look like. It for sure needs tons of counter space and an island with a second sink for food prep. It would also have two ovens and a commercial-style range. What are some of the things that you love (big or small) about your home now, or would love to have in a home some day?

What would it be like to have a place for all the fabric, ribbon, yarn, paper, stamps, pictures, and other craft stuff that keeps piling up?

This is a faucet mounted on the backsplash so you can fill pots up right on the stove. Pretty cool.

This is like a little counter garage. A door closes to hide the appliances, leaving counter space in front for other uses.


Kirsten said...

I would love to have a dream house but I'd especially love to have a dream kitchen. I'm not really sure what exactly I'd want other than lots of space. I see so many things that I'd love so it'd be hard to narrow it down to one kitchen if I was given a chance to get whatever. I really like that counter garage. My kitchen would look nicer if my appliances were hidden.

A really great play room for the kids would be awesome. I like the play room we've got but a bigger and more organized one would be better.

OOH a library! Since we're dreaming right? :) With big windows for good light and a few really comfy places to sit.

And a big, comfy king sized bed. A big master bath with an awesome and big tub. Our tub now is wide but not deep and you can't even fill it halfway without running out of hot water. It drives me nuts cause I love deep very hot baths.

I would have to get a designer, or my mom, to help cause I don't have great taste or vision.

Stephanie said...

I could go on and on with stuff I'd like in my dream home. I do have to say that I'd start in the kitchen, then proceed to a kid/game room. I would DEF. have a craft room like the one pictures. How awesome would that be?!!!!! That sink over the stove is amazing. Someday when Aaron wins loads of money on a case, I'll hire my sister to redecorate my home. I think I might do pretty well on my own though. Along with fashion, I dig this stuff......the decorating part, not the loads of money it costs.

Grammy A said...

A craft room is something that we are planning for the house we're building (in two years). I LOVE to daydream about our house, but John doesn't get as excited. I'm always saying, "Let's talk about our house!" He wants to wait until we're closer to moving. What a party pooper!