Saturday, January 26, 2008


Hello Ladies,
Alyssa Kalissa Prestwich Barlow here. I grew up without a middle name and always wanted one... and somewhere along the line decided that I would make one up. Thus claiming "Kalissa" as my faux-middle name- no one knows why. Prestwich was my last name for 21 years and then I met Jared- the most wonderful guy in the UNIVERSE- just over 7 years ago and he said I could add Barlow to the list. A.K.P.B.
(I love this picture not because it is flattering, but because my son took it and cut off my head. How can you not love 5 year old photography?)

I have two children and and one on the inside kicking my ribs right now. Sam, 5, is a super son - well behaved in public, intuitive, smart, secretly wishes to be Spider/Superman simultaneously, idolizes his dad, and loves climbing rocks. Mia, 3, is a character... full of sugar and spice, angel and demon, and princess fever. She has such a quirky, sweet, and funny demeanor. I love my kids... they make me smile at least 8 times a day. I can't wait to meet the third in 10 weeks, a little boy who has no name yet but is already much loved.

I talked Jared into marrying me and I don't think he regrets it yet. He works in NYC and we live in Connecticut. We just moved here from Switzerland (where I met Katy) a few months ago. During our marriage we have lived in many places and made many friends... we claim Utah Valley, Seattle, Atlanta, San Fransisco, and Zurich as prior homes. Jared is a loving dad, husband, and investor. Sometimes it makes him tired.

Well, I am sure that's more than you wanted to know. Unfortunately, there's much much more from me in the future or if you can't get enough check out my home blog

I can't wait for all your awesomeness to rub off on me. I am intrigued about this cookbook that a fellow poster was talking about concerning butter squash mac and cheese... I have a lot to learn.



Katy Anderson said...

Alyssa Kalissa? I like it. You and your family are awesome. We miss you guys.

Kirsten said...

I like the picture your son took of you. Most of the pictures my daughter takes, she's 3, are of the walls and ceilings. She also likes to take pictures of whatever is on the computer or tv.

knitaholic310 said...

I like the idea of the cookbook, but some of her recipes are not very yummy. I am happy to send a couple to the blog if you like. I think the most successful ones are the mac and cheese and scrambled eggs.

knitaholic310 said...

is your husband related to Sam or Scott Barlow from Danville, CA?