Tuesday, January 29, 2008

crayons...markers...colored pencils...I hate them all

Okay- here's a good one. I can't seem to find the perfect medium for my kids to draw and color with. Crayons end up broken in no time with pieces of the paper torn off and all over the place. I tried the twist-up ones. They were twisted up and broken off in no time flat. Markers- on clothes, on skin, on furniture, floors and walls. My kids don't like the color wonder ones because it doesn't show up immediately on the page. I'm not sure why that bugs them, but it does. Not to mention if you lose a lid, you might as well throw the marker out too, because it will just dry out. So on to colored pencils. Apparently they don't color dark enough. And of course there is the problem of the tip breaking too. Are my kids especially picky or what? I personally prefer the colored pencils, but my kids don't like them. Maybe there is a brand with more pigment in them or something, but for now, I hate them all. Any suggestions???


Katy Anderson said...

I haven't come across any options that you haven't already tried. We recently got the twist-up crayons too, and more than half of them are already ruined.

knitaholic310 said...

I don't know if you have the time, but you could melt down all the broken crayons in a low oven in a non-stick mini-muffin tin. Actually, to be safe, line each cup with tin foil so your muffin tin doesn't get ruined. The result, after they cool, is crayon disks which are harder to break and make cool swirly rainbow coloring. But your kids sound pretty picky about coloring so maybe they wouldn't like those. We tried the flip top crayola markers. At least with those you can't lose the lid because it is attached.