Friday, January 25, 2008

Secret Veggie Power

(Katy, I think this idea is awesome!) So I am Tara McKinney. I am married to Katy's brother Collin and I live in Lewisburg, PA. I really enjoy cooking, knitting, reading mostly young adult and children's fiction and scrapbooking. The one thing that has improved at mealtime for us is using Jessica Seinfield's Deceptively Delicious cookbook. So far my kids like the mac and cheese with butternut squash, the blueberry oatmeal bars with spinach, scrambled eggs with cauliflower, pink pancakes with beets, yellow cake mix with pumpkin and I am hoping they will like the little graham cracker and yogurt sandwiches because I made them last night. I have looked everywhere for brown rice crispies (not cocoa flavor, regular). Does anyone know if I can get them at Trader Joe's? Anyway, back to the recipes from J.S. My kids hated the butter noodles with yellow squash, sweet potato hot cocoa and cauliflower frosting (duh on that last one). Has anyone else tried any of the recipes and had their kids like them? Anyway, I think it is really amusing that my daughter (who has actually thrown up at the table when we tried to have her eat some plain steamed butternut squash) ate as much butternut squash mac and cheese as her dad did last night. Does anyone else have a husband that likes to cook? Mine just started to cook dinner on Friday and Saturday night and I love it. It makes for a really relaxing weekend.

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Kirsten said...

I bought Deceptively Delicious tonight and am excited to try some of the recipes. This morning I made pancakes and added sweet potato babyfood to it. It turned it orange but they didn't taste different and everyone ate them. Kendall thought it was cool that they were orange but Dave complained. It didn't stop him from eating a big helping though.