Friday, January 25, 2008


Is anyone else a little hesitant to post pictures of their kids on the internet? I tried to post my own picture and it didn't work. I am going to try again. Does anyone work from home? How do you manage it? I am trying right now to work part time at home and it is dang hard. I get really distracted (obviously since I am supposed to be working right now). Katy's white bread recipe with a whole cube of butter always turns out really soft and awesome. Yesterday I made it with 3 Tablespoons of flax seed meal throw in and it still tastes great, but now has a little more nutritional value. Does anyone have any bread recipes for sourdough? I tried one last week and it was so hard and dense that we have named it "LEAD BREAD." I am thinking that in addition to the sourdough starter there also needs to be some new yeast added it to make it not so dense. Any bread bakers out there? Please respond.


Katy Anderson said...

I don't worry about putting pictures on the internet, but I try to be careful about not putting too much personal information open to the public. I've never tried to make sourdough bread, but I'll check my Lindon Cannery cookbook (the one that I got my white bread recipe from) for any recipes.

Kirsten said...

I don't worry about it either. I agree that I'm more hesitant to put personal infor online, but I put loads of pictures online. Bread I make always turns out bad so I can't help you there.