Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bwak! Bwak! I am a Chicken

Is anyone else afraid to take their children out in public crowded places? Disneyland, the zoo, etc., are really scary for me. I am totally paranoid about taking them places and having them get lost or kidnapped. Or mauled by a wild animal. 

My cousin works at the San Francisco zoo and so every time I visit my mom who lives outside the city, we go to the zoo (for free). I am never going there again. I always knew it was ghetto and run down, but I didn't know it was unsafe. I am not sure, but I think this is a picture of that same tiger that killed that guy on Christmas. I took this picture of her at feeding time a couple summers ago. 

Also, some guy fired a gun in the Provo library (last summer or the summer before) and then there was the trolley square incident, the Disney World ride that a six year old died on and the superman ride at Knott's Berry Farm that chopped off that teenager's legs. 

Is it safe to go anywhere anymore? How can I protect my kids/self from these weird random scary things? Does anyone else struggle with this kind of stuff? I have a hard time enjoying family outings because they are worried the whole time like I am? 


Kirsten said...

Mostly I don't like outings because I get stressed out. Not from worry, just from being out with the kids. I like to be at home anyway though. I'm a hermit.

I'm a pretty paranoid mother too. I'm not worried about getting gunned down at random, I don't know why. Maybe because I don't get out much or I think there aren't as many weirdos where I live compared to other places maybe. The thought of them being kidnapped or something makes me sick. Kendall his at the gap once and we couldn't find her for just a minute (she couldn't find us either and was scared) and I was a wreck. When we finally found her my heart was racing and she started to cry. My mom said I was really pale. I try not to think about that sort of thing.

Mostly I worry when someone else watches the kids. Even when it's someone who I totally trust, like Dave, I still feel anxious. That I'M not there and have no control over the situation kills me. I sound like a control freak for that. The what ifs... what if no one's looking and Gage falls down the stairs... what if Kendall's feelings are hurt... just everything. If I can help it I don't really have people watch the kids. Not because I don't trust them, although that is the case with a few people, but mostly because I worry and don't enjoy myself while we're apart. I'm going to be a nightmare as they get older.

Katy Anderson said...

I also get stressed out when taking the kids on outings, just because it is a lot of work. I don't worry as much about kidnapping/losing them because since we only have two, Justin and I each are responsible for a child. I'll worry more when the kids outnumber the adults.

Last time we were at Disneyland I realized that I don't really enjoy roller coasters because the whole time I was imagining our car flying off the track. I used to worry every night that some psycho would break in our house and hurt my family. But it is not a fun way to live. I realized that I can be careful and take all precautions possible, but I have to have some faith. Heavenly Father has a plan for us and will take care of us how He sees fit. I know I am not exempt from danger, but some things are out of our hands. I still worry, but it doesn't take over all my thoughts like it used to.

Stephanie said...

You know, I don't really worry about those types of things. I think I'm just a little too trusting. Either that or I'm just in denial. But Tara, I've never been in a situation where a man was walking away with my child. Did that happen in Spain? That would be enough for me to be worried for life. I think the more kids you have, the harder it is to keep track of them when you are out in public. When it's a ratio of 2:2, it makes it a lot easier. I think the older the child is, the easier it is to go out in public with them too. The just listen better and know that it's important to stay close by.

Grammy A said...

Wow... what have I created? Just kidding! I know my children (my sons especially) like to blame me for every anxiety, paranoia, or extreme worrying they experience, because that is how I am. So... what do I say to you guys? WELCOME TO MY WORLD! Also... I DIDN'T INVENT ANXIETY, YOU KNOW! Believe it or not... I have gotten better in some ways. I don't worry when we're in public that the kids are going to be kidnapped unless they're wandering off... or I see a weirdo. After all... don't all kidnappers look like weirdos? I do occasionally worry about roller coasters flying off the tracks, airplanes falling out of the sky and crashing, mass murderers shooting up malls... but thankfully, not all the time. I just try and think logically (something new for me). I still go to the mall regularly (TOO regularly), and only occasionally does a Trolley Square incident come to mind. Then I start looking around for suspicious trench coats or camouflage clothing! I also worry about the people I love getting sick or hurt. I imagine I/we have every scary disease or illness on the planet! What? You have the sniffles? A cough? IT MUST BE BIRD FLU! It's exhausting to think that way! I do worry a lot, but I can laugh at myself too. Most of the time I realize that I'm being silly.

Alyssa Barlow said...

If you get mauled by a tiger at the zoo then it's your time to go.

I think in general you just have to accept that we're on an imperfect planet with imperfect people-- take all the precautions you can and put the rest in God's hands.

I think it's really important not to let worry rule your life... how many people do you know personally who have been shot at random, kidnapped, fell off a roller coaster, been in a plane crash, killed by terrorists... In most cases I would say you are 97% safe where ever you go. Does anyone agree with me here or am I in my dream world again?

knitaholic310 said...

You know, you are right I am sure. It is just hard to control the what ifs that creep into my mind when I read something. That is part of why I don't read real news. I can't handle thinking about all the bad things in the world without thinking about how they could happen to my family. I guess I will just have to hope and pray for the best.

Stephanie said...

I completely agree with you Alyssa, although that's not to say I don't think crazy thoughts. I may not be April's biological daughter but as trusting as I am, some crazy scenarios have played out in my head. And though I'm not fearful of the everyday routine, I do think it's important to take precautions when it involves your children.