Monday, February 4, 2008

Hello Everyone!

It is so fun to read all of your posts. You guys are what I miss most about living in Provo.
I just spent the day at the doctor with Claire (and Ellie and Anna) validating my suspicions that she has an ear infection (Never mind that we just finished taking medication for strep throat on Sunday). We then went and purchased the mega expensive medicine (since she is allergic to penicillin). I love having sick kids! It has been a long day.

I wanted to let you know of a great blog page that has some pretty great recipes. It is called
My sister in law loves to cook and several family members contribute to it. There are a lot of great things there if you are looking for something new to make.

Our little family is taking a family photo this week, so I will soon have an updated picture to share with you all.

I love reading the blog, it reminds me that I am not going insane, but rather every mom is going through what I am going through.



Katy Anderson said...

Hi Nicea. I'm sorry about Claire being sick. That is not fun. My sister just found out that her daughter is allergic to penicillin also. Pretty inconvenient isn't it?

Chelsea Anne said...

I read Claire, Ellie and Anna before who I saw who posted and I thought, "I know those names!" So glad that Katy has kept track of you. Sorry Claire is sick. I had sick kids the past two weeks and it is not fun. Hope all is well and I will look forward to getting to hear about your little family.