Friday, February 1, 2008

Moms can't take sick days

I've been dealing with sick kids all week, fighting it off myself and then BAM, I wake up this morning thinking I seriously would rather die than get out of bed and try to do what I needed to do. Have you ever been too sick to get out of bed? Aside from post labor and delivery, I can't ever remember being like this. My six year old made breakfast for herself and her siblings while I laid in bed crying and wanting my mommy. Pathetic, right? Sadie walked around with a poopy diaper for who knows how long till I could finally bribe her to climb up on my bed and then bribe her brother to bring me wipes and a diaper. Why can't we take sick days? This is one of those days I wouldn't have survived without other good moms. My neighbor took Kenzi to school for me and another friend picked her up and took her to her house all afternoon, all without me asking. They just called, not knowing I was sick, and asked if they could do that for me today. Sadie took a 3 hour nap and my sweet Will played in my bedroom for two hours so I could rest while Sadie did. My husband forgot something for work and came home to get it right as the kids were asking for lunch, so he fixed some for the kids so I didn't have to and then went back to work. All coincidence? I think not. I know the Lord knew I just needed some help today. Would I have preferred a sick day? Yes, but I'll take what I can get gratefully.


Kirsten said...

Yuck! I'm sorry you are sick. If I'm sick enough I can usually get Dave to call in a sick day to stay home and watch the kids but not always. It's SO hard to function and try to take care of the kids. Sometimes, even when I'm not sick, I wish I could 'check out' and have a day off but those never come. I'm glad you have neighbors who are the kind of people that recieve inspiration and could help you. The Lord really does make all things possible. I hope you feel better soon and don't have too crummy of a weekend.

Katy Anderson said...

I'm so sorry Alysia. I know how you feel, and it is miserable. I hope it passes quickly.

Chelsea Anne said...

I got the stomach flu a month ago and it was awful, but it was so great because my inlaws were in town staying with us and they took care of the kids and made all the meals for a couple days. It was a lifesaver, because I don't know what I would have done. I think it should be a rule that moms don't get sick.