Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snow Day Ideas

So we have had at least 8 snow days in two months. For those of you who don't live where it snows a lot, it means that school is cancelled. I need some tv/wii/computer free ideas of fun or productive things the kids can do on these days. I do let them watch a little TV, etc., but I don't want them to think every snow day is a free for all. 

Today I had the idea of having them do some extra chores to earn money to buy raffle tickets for a charity called the Blue Butterfly Fund. This charity helps support the families of children with cancer. The money helps with travel expenses and living expenses and stuff that is not covered by insurance. 

I don't really have any other ideas besides that. Anyone?


Kirsten said...

Other than arts or crafts, I don't know. Kendall's not as old as Aidan and Emma so I don't know what older children like to do. You could make music videos, service projects, have them write letters, scavenger or treasure hunt, have them help make a treat for a neighbor (Kendall's favorite activity) or help make lunch. I think your chore idea is awesome. It doesn't snow enough here to have snow days but enough that I'm sick of it. And I'm sick of being couped up in the house. Good luck, you're more creative than me.

Katy Anderson said...

The first thing that came to my mind was making cards for upcoming birthdays, holidays, or just to say hi (probably because I'm helping Ollie make his Valentine cards). Then they'll have a few ready to choose from to give or send to family/friends. Also, here's a link with some "rainy day" activities (I haven't checked them out so I don't know if they're any good).


Stephanie said...

I think Kirsten and Katy had really great ideas. Sevrie LOVES baking so I tend to either bake with her or send her to the eisle to paint when she's bored and I don't want her watching t.v. Making cards is a great idea too. Because Aiden and Emma are older, it would be lots of fun for them.

Alyssa Barlow said...

Mine is kind of like Katy's idea-- we like to bake or make a package to send to someone-- family members or friends who live far away.

It's also nice to have a "snow day" box that only has special stuff they are allowed to use if it snows.. like glitter pens, special stickers, new play dough, etc. Sounds like your kids are older, so I don't know- maybe a new novel to read or a new marker set or a new card game, or a new craft you pre-ordered from oriental trading... just something new and special so that they look forward to pulling out the box when it snows instead of going straight for the Wii. I have a "rainy day" box like this.