Friday, February 22, 2008

Too quiet

You know that uh-oh feeling you get when you realize your house is too quiet? I had one of those moments today and grabbed the camera before I went to investigate. I found Kendall hiding in my closet and when I saw her she looked at me and says, "Surprise!"

I guess I shouldn't complain though. Last time we had a too quiet moment was when Gage had two spoons in the toilet. Our USED toilet. And his arms were wet. And his face. And he had wet toilet paper on his chin.

It can always be worse right? Any other too quiet moments??


Katy Anderson said...

Yes, ours was like Gage's toilet experience. About a year ago, I found Lily in the bathroom with the toilet-cleaning brush up to her mouth. I was soooo grossed out. Not that it helped, but I literally washed her mouth out with soap.

Kirsten said...

Yeah, Gage had a LONG bath after that. I still felt like he was dirty though.

knitaholic310 said...

Ok, that is so funny. I have had a lot of those moments. Once Aidan painted his toenails with purple polish on a white bathmat that I had just bought. Another time I found Aidan and Ashdon Fackrell with an empty bottle of gummy bear vitamins (I had bought it the day before). Another time Aidan and Madison Bowler went into the downstairs bathroom at the Texas Avenue house and dumped a whole bottle of shampoo on the floor and were sliding back and forth across the bathroom. Ahhhh! Those deceptively quiet moments.

Katy Anderson said...

I should have learned my lesson after this post, but a few minutes ago I wasn't paying attention and Lily got a hold of a marker and covered herself with it. There are pictures on our family blog.