Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Marry Poppins" bag

Aaron always teases me saying I have way too much stuff in my bag.  He can never find anything in there so he calls it my Marry Poppins bag.  Here's what's inside (very funny by the way Katy):
water bottle
Sevrie's socks
Coral's hat
random papers
diapers and wipes (diapees and wipees)
lip gloss/lip sticks (in black make up bag)
tampons (just in case)
bracelet keychains
mini doll keys
doughnuts from this morning
sun glasses 
flouride (don't ask me why)
mini manicure kit
baby bottle
Sevrie's keychain photo album
Sevrie's clip
two black hairbands
antibacterial soap
3 plastic wrappers

This actually gave me then opportunty to organize my bag and throw the trash away.  I must say though, the majority of my stuff is still in there.

1 comment:

Katy Anderson said...

I need to start keeping donuts in my bag. My kids love them! You are very prepared.