Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sponge-Ken Scaredy-Pants

This is one of our nicknames for our daughter, Kendall. She's a timid, careful, and sensitive girl. Basically....... she's a total scaredy cat. Back when she talked in third person she'd often say, or sream in terror depending on the situation, "Kendall's SCARED!" Now she says I'm scared but the being afraid part hasn't let up much. She regularly has weird and morbid dreams and talks about them without fear but things like swimming, or loud noises freak her out bad. I just wanted to post a picture of her sledding the other day. I was shocked that she did it at all and was thrilled that she enjoyed herself. Even though she only went down about 10 feet over and over, I was a proud mama.


Katy Anderson said...

I put this picture on our family blog. It cracks me up. I'm so glad Dad captured her expression at that moment. Cute girl!

Stephanie said...

This picture is awesome! I'm glad she had a good time despite being scared initially.