Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Perhaps I need to step up my beauty regamine

We have kind of a hirsute family. 

Aidan was looking at himself in the mirror and said, "Look, I'm growing a moustache." Then he looked really intensely at my face and said, "Hey, you're growing one too, mom!"

I guess it is about time to bust out the wax;)


Stephanie said...

Don't you just love how honest kids are? Crosby was right, kids do say the dardest things.

Kirsten said...

Kids are awesome that way. You always know where you stand with a child. I had a friend in high school who regularly made comments like that. He genuinely meant no harm but it didn't help my self esteem that's for sure. At least it's just your lip. :) I got some wax the other day and I'm ready to do my whole face but I'm too chicken.

knitaholic310 said...

I had THAT SAME KIND OF FRIEND! So clueless and "helpful".